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Congratulations Class of 2018!

You made it and we are incredibly happy for you. This is the start of the next chapter in your life and we want to stay connected as you achieve further successes in life.


Please complete the two surveys below:

Veritas Alumni Survey

NYC DOE Alumni Survey


Important: Your @veritas.nyc email address will continue to work for at least the next year. Please check your email at least once a year for it to remain active. If we need to delete your @veritas.nyc account we will aim to give you at least 3 months notice. Please continue to check your email because if the account is deleted you will lose access to other Google app data including Google Drive, Photos, Calendar, Gmail etc. You can also visit the settings in gmail to forward all email arriving at your FLast####@veritas.nyc to a personal email account so you don’t miss an announcement.