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Hello and welcome to Computer Science Principles.

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Course Description

In AP CSP we learn about the seven big ideas in computer science: creativity, abstraction, data, algorithms, programming, the internet and the global impact of computers.  We will work on an two performance tasks which account for 40% of your final AP score. The first is called the Explore task where you’ll research a computing innovation, create a digital artifact and describe how data is consumed, transformed and produced along with beneficial and harmful effects of the innovation. The second is called the Create performance task where you’ll work on a program that includes a complex algorithm and demonstrates abstraction. Throughout the course we use Snap! a block based coding language similar to Scratch.



AP Computer Science Principles Syllabus



Please see PupilPath.com for homework assignments and grades. We will also be using Google Classroom to submit work.



Course Information

  • Course Code: TYS21X/22X