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Syllabus: 2018-19 Earth Science Syllabus

9/15/18 -Castle Learning Hw #1: Density

9/20/19 -Study for Quiz #1: Density & Big Bang Theory tomorrow

9/21/18- Castle learning HW #2 The Big Bang Theory & bring in any completed labs

9/28/18- RETAKE of Hw #1 & Hw 2 on castle learning DUE TODAY

9/28/18- Castle learning hw #3 Due Sunday night

10/1/18- Complete Latitude & Longitude Lab #4  DUE: TOMORROW


  1. Complete Lab #5: Field Maps/Contour Lines/ Complete any labs that are LATE

2. DUE TUESDAY: Take home QUIZ on Latitude Longitude, Polaris, Big Bang Theory

3. DUE SUNDAY night: CASTLE LEARNING HW #4: Contour Lines

10/9/18- Complete “Contour Lines Practice #1 & #2” – do not answer questions, just draw the contour lines

10/12/18- Castle Learning HW #5: Contour Maps

10/15/18- RE-take of Castle Learning HW#5: due Tuesday night 11:59pm

10/16/18- Topographic Maps HW sheet ONLY do #s 1-5.

10/18/18 Quiz on Topographic Maps

10/26/18- Castle Learning HW #6 Topographic Profiles

10/29/18- Study for Quiz // Castle Learning HW #2-6 Have been re-opened

10/30/18- Quiz on Topographic Profiles// Castle Learning HW #7 Intro to Minerals DUE: THURSDAY NIGHT

11/1/18- CL HW #8: Minerals Practice 1

11/2/18- Castle Learning hw #8 Minerals DUE: SUNDAY 11:59PM

11/5/18- Complete back and front side of “Minerals Review” Sheet in preparation for Quiz on Thursday

11/7/18-Quiz on Unit 2/Topic: Minerals


  1.  Complete questions #1-9 on back of Igneous Rock Graphic Organizer

2.CL HW#9: Into to Igneous Rocks DUE: FRIDAY NIGHT 11:59PM

11/20/18: 15 Question Quiz on Minerals & Igneous Rocks

11/21/18: Thanksgiving Homework: Sedimentary Reading & Chart

11/26/18-  Makeup all MISSED LABS !!(students will receive a post-it with their missing labs on it)

11/28/18- All labs are due for MP2, no late exceptions.

11/29/18- Castle learning hw #10: Intro to sedimentary rocks DUE: SUNDAY 11:59 PM.

12/3/18- Complete buzz words- glue correct buzz words onto the correct boxes.

12/7/18- Metamorphic Rocks- Due Sunday night

12/10/18 -12/13/18  Study for Test on Minerals & Rocks

12/11/18- Complete Metamorphic rock packet

12/12/18 – Complete Sedimentary rock packet

12/13/18 Complete Igneous rocks packet

12/14/18- 1. Study for Test on Minerals and Igneous Rocks


Study Tip:


12/17/18-12/18/18  Complete “Mini Lab”

12/18/18- Complete “Preview” homework of Weathering Lab

12/21/18- VACATION HOMEWORK due 1/11/19 “Physical & Chemical Weathering-Google Slide Show”

-Refer to google folder for references, and check your email. Ms. Yip sent a rough draft of what is expected.

1/4/19- Castle Learning HW# 13 Soil & Earth’s Water, complete winter recess project, study voc. sheet for midterm

1/11/19- Winter Recess Project is DUE

1/14/19- Earth Science Midterm

1/18/19- Castle learning hw #14: Stream Velocity, test corrections.





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