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Syllabus: 2018-19 Earth Science Syllabus

9/15/18 -Castle Learning Hw #1: Density

9/20/19 -Study for Quiz #1: Density & Big Bang Theory tomorrow

9/21/18- Castle learning HW #2 The Big Bang Theory & bring in any completed labs

9/28/18- RETAKE of Hw #1 & Hw 2 on castle learning DUE TODAY

9/28/18- Castle learning hw #3 Due Sunday night

10/1/18- Complete Latitude & Longitude Lab #4  DUE: TOMORROW


  1. Complete Lab #5: Field Maps/Contour Lines/ Complete any labs that are LATE

2. DUE TUESDAY: Take home QUIZ on Latitude Longitude, Polaris, Big Bang Theory

3. DUE SUNDAY night: CASTLE LEARNING HW #4: Contour Lines

10/9/18- Complete “Contour Lines Practice #1 & #2” – do not answer questions, just draw the contour lines

10/12/18- Castle Learning HW #5: Contour Maps

10/15/18- RE-take of Castle Learning HW#5: due Tuesday night 11:59pm

10/16/18- Topographic Maps HW sheet ONLY do #s 1-5.

10/18/18 Quiz on Topographic Maps

10/26/18- Castle Learning HW #6 Topographic Profiles

10/29/18- Study for Quiz // Castle Learning HW #2-6 Have been re-opened

10/30/18- Quiz on Topographic Profiles// Castle Learning HW #7 Intro to Minerals DUE: THURSDAY NIGHT

11/1/18- CL HW #8: Minerals Practice 1

11/2/18- Castle Learning hw #8 Minerals DUE: SUNDAY 11:59PM

11/5/18- Complete back and front side of “Minerals Review” Sheet in preparation for Quiz on Thursday

11/7/18-Quiz on Unit 2/Topic: Minerals


  1.  Complete questions #1-9 on back of Igneous Rock Graphic Organizer

2.CL HW#9: Into to Igneous Rocks DUE: FRIDAY NIGHT 11:59PM

11/20/18: 15 Question Quiz on Minerals & Igneous Rocks

11/21/18: Thanksgiving Homework: Sedimentary Reading & Chart

11/26/18-  Makeup all MISSED LABS !!(students will receive a post-it with their missing labs on it)

11/28/18- All labs are due for MP2, no late exceptions.

11/29/18- Castle learning hw #10: Intro to sedimentary rocks DUE: SUNDAY 11:59 PM.

12/3/18- Complete buzz words- glue correct buzz words onto the correct boxes.

12/7/18- Metamorphic Rocks- Due Sunday night

12/10/18 -12/13/18  Study for Test on Minerals & Rocks

12/11/18- Complete Metamorphic rock packet

12/12/18 – Complete Sedimentary rock packet

12/13/18 Complete Igneous rocks packet

12/14/18- 1. Study for Test on Minerals and Igneous Rocks


Study Tip:


12/17/18-12/18/18  Complete “Mini Lab”

12/18/18- Complete “Preview” homework of Weathering Lab

12/21/18- VACATION HOMEWORK due 1/11/19 “Physical & Chemical Weathering-Google Slide Show”

-Refer to google folder for references, and check your email. Ms. Yip sent a rough draft of what is expected.

1/4/19- Castle Learning HW# 13 Soil & Earth’s Water, complete winter recess project, study voc. sheet for midterm

1/11/19- Winter Recess Project is DUE

1/14/19- Earth Science Midterm

1/18/19- Castle learning hw #14: Stream Velocity DUE SUNDAY NIGHT, test corrections- copy the questions (typed/handwritten), then copy the answer (Ms. Yip already circled the correct answer for Multiple Choice questions), short answers must be completed on your own. Ms. Yip can answer any questions when we return to school.

1/30/19 -Castle learning hw #15 Mass movements, Glaciers, Running Water DUE: FRIDAY NIGHT 2/1/19

2/1/19-   1. Castle Learning hw #15: Mass movements, Glaciers, Running water due: FRIDAY NIGHT

2. Read/ Answer questions for Ocean Processes DUE: MONDAY

2/4/19- What are Landscapes? Reading and Questions

2/6/19- Compete NYS Landscapes LAB (page 1 definition and 2 pages of map coloring)  due: tomorrow (being entered as a quiz grade)

2/8/19- Complete Unit 4 Landscapes Multiple Choice Questions, be ready to present your assigned question DUE: MONDAY

QUIZ MONDAY: Topic Erosion, 4 questions. Study guide was given to students in class Friday 2/8/19

2/11/19- Complete Landscape Graphic Organizer- use the previous HW Landscapes Reading DUE : TOMORROW

2/15/19- Midwinter Recess hw BOTH are due 2/25/19- (When we return)

  1. Theory of Continental Drift LAB
  2. Continental Drift graphic organizer and reading

2/26/19- Complete Crustal Activity Lab, save discussion questions to do in class,  Due: tomorrow

2/28/19- Begin studying for exam

3/1/19-Epicenter chart on worksheet && Castle Learning hw #16: Earth’s Interior & Earthquakes – use this as a review for test on Wednesday, begin studying

3/6/19- Complete Earthquake Worksheet #1 && Earth quake arrival time on worksheet both : due tomorrow.

3/8/19- Lab #17 & #18 : Locating Epicenter (pgs 1-3) & Writing Assignment : What was the most memorable topic in Earth Science so far? : DUE MONDAY 3/11/19

3/14/19-Earthquake test

3/15/19-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA2-Vc4PIOY&t=126s – Watch the following video, write a 5-7 sentence summary or NOTES of what you saw. DUE: Monday

3/18/19- Complete questions  #1-7  on Tectonic Plate Powerpoint due: tomorrow

3/21/19- Complete Part 3 of Geologic coloring Activity Guide due: friday

3/22/19- 1. Get answers off of Earth Science google drive folder for the following assignment:

A.Interpreting Tectonic plate Map (ESRT P. 5)

2. Complete assigned sections of GEOLOGIC HISTORY SCAVENGER HUNT that was started in class.

3/25/19- Geologic History of NYS worksheet. DUE: TUESDAY

3/26/19- Study for test

3/27/19- Study for test

3/28/19- Study for test

3/29/19- TEST ON ESRT P 8/9 FRIDAY

HW: Complete lab #19: Geologic Time Lab, you need to watch this video to complete the lab

DUE: Monday 4/1/19


4/1/19- Relative Dating 1 Due: Tomorrow

4/2/19- Lab #20- #21 : Relative Dating

4/3/19-Finish Relative Dating Lab

4/10/19 HW: Watch video “Sun’s Path-Hommock’s Earth Science” take notes, be ready for Quiz


  1. Extreme Weather Project

4/17/19- NEXT Test

4/29/19 – Complete Definitions pg 1 (Lab #22-#23 Ellipses)

5/10/19- From Review Packet:

  1. Index Fossils
  2. Sequence of Events
  3. Sedimentary Rocks



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