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Syllabus Eng 10 2018-19


4/17/19:  Complete powerpoint by Monday April 29th and be ready to present

4/11/19:  We will be working on our Power Point Presentations.  Have a topic by 4/12/19

2/28/19:  Read the article and answer the questions

2/11- 2/15-  We will be working on an argument writing piece in class.  The final piece will be due Friday February 15.



12/4/18: Complete chapter 2 questions

11/21/18:  Complete the chapter one questions for Of Mice and Men.  This is due on Monday November 26.

10/16/18:  Finish your 2 paragraphs for you “Friend Wanted” project.  Hand in final copy tomorrow.

10/9/18:   We are currently working on our “Friend Wanted” project.

10/3/18:  Havre your parent/guardian sign the Academic Integrity Policy and return

9/28/18: Write  letter to a friend describing your experience living during the Dust Bowl Era.  Use your classroom supports to help you write this letter.

9/26/18:  Due Friday 9/28/19 Complete your question chart based on the fact sheet on the Dust Bowl

9/17/18:  Study for Story Elements quiz.  9/18/19



Course Information

  • Course Code: EES83/4