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Syllabus English 11 2018-19

3/19-  Create 10 questions based on Act 3 in Hamlet

2/11- 2/15 We will be working on our Hamlet project in class.



12/3/18: Complete Part 2 English Regents August 2018.  Due 12/6/18

11/21/18:  Complete Part 2 Argument Essay from the January 26, 2015 Regents.  Make sure to complete the mini outline.  Your essay should be written in the Essay Booklet.  This is Due Monday November 26.  This will be graded as an assessment.

10/15/18:  Complete Mini outline for “Are Video Games Bad For Young Children”.

10/8/18: Study for the quiz on Argument Essay Elements

10/3/18: Complete the Argument Essay Activity

9/23/18: Complete the activity “Help Me Get To Know You”

9/17/18:  Study for Story Elements Quiz 9/18/18



Course Information

  • Course Code: EES85/6