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PupilPath – Grades and Attendance

It’s essential that parents have information about students progress at school. Attending Parent Teacher Conferences is important but so is having more regular access to your child’s attendance, assignment grades and test scores. Our grading and attendance program called “PupilPath” provides all of this information.

PupilPath can be accessed here: https://pupilpath.skedula.com/

After creating an account through the PupilPath.com website, parents and students can download and use the PupilPath app by IO Education, to have one click access to grades and attendance and to communicate with teachers.

The letter below explains all the steps to create an account and you will need the following pieces of information before you begin:

  • An email account
  • Your child’s student ID (also known as OSIS number)
  • Your child’s date of birth
  • The parent or student registration code******

The registration codes and welcome letters have been available through our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Gonzalez and assistance to login has been available at parent teacher conferences and other events.

If you need the parent registration code please call 718-888-7520 and ask for the Ms. Gonzalez or Ms. Quiroz who can help. All teachers should be able to provide the parent/student registration codes too. You can also email Mr. Gill ([email protected]) the tech coordinator who can provide assistance.

To recap, ensure you have the registration code and follow the steps in the letter below.

Parents: please do not share your logins with students, they have their own and we want important parent announcements to reach parents directly.

Letter showing how to sign up for the grading program