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Veritas Academy holds the unique distinction of being the first New York City Public High School to follow the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) envisioned by Dr. Joseph Renzulli. Since our inception, Veritas has been committed to project-based learning founded in the unique interests and talents of our students. It is our firm belief that every student has gifts to be shared, showcased, and celebrated.

This past spring, our students created SEM projects that supplemented our Humanities curriculum. 

Freshmen students explored global belief systems and the ways in which faith communities  inform and impact both history and present-day.

Global I Projects

Sophomore students reacted to and discussed Elie Wiesel’s seminal memoir, Night, and created work around the lasting impact of the Holocaust and its aftermath. 

English 10th Grade Projects

Junior students researched and evaluated the legacies of United States presidents, reflecting on how both individuals and systems can shape the future.

US History 11th Grade Projects

Senior students read, synthesized, and created art in response to an array of canonical and postcolonial short stories by American authors. 

12th Grade English Projects